A Closer Look At An All-In-One Software Suite

Finding a high-quality video and audio editing program that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be a tough challenge. In most cases, you either find yourself using free programs that really lack the features you like or you wind up paying too much for a program just to get what you want. Avs4you promises to be the final solution to this growing problem. It perfectly combines affordability with functionality.

Free editing programs rarely contain the tools and features needed to do anything serious or professional. They might be great for fixing up a school project, but not for creating high-quality videos for your marketing campaign. If you need a professional video and audio editing software suite, then Avs4you is really for you. Here’s a closer look at what it includes.

What’s Inside The Package

Avs4you includes 11 different programs. That’s quite a bit of diversification and more than enough to accomplish any video or audio editing tasks you could have. Each program has its own specific purpose, which allows you to edit your media on several different levels.

Four of the eleven programs are specifically for manipulating video media. There is the AVS video remaker, AVS video editor, AVS video converter, and finally the AVS media player for playing the footage back.

All of these programs are powerful and efficient, but it’s the video converter that’s generating the most buzz. Most people need several different programs for converting videos. The program they use depends on the format being converted from and to. The AVS video converter can understand just about any video format out there. Furthermore, it makes conversion quick and easy.

All three programs, excluding the media player, have video editing functionality. The converter allows for editing on the fly. It’s useful if you don’t want to open the AVS video editor because you’re only making small changes.

Audio, Images, And Other Programs

There are still seven more programs included in the package. Two of them are for editing audio. There is an AVS audio converter. Just like the video converter, this can handle a variety of different formats, it’s easy to use, and works very quickly.

It can also extract audio files from videos. There are also options for on-the-fly changes you can apply prior to conversion, such as changing the codec or the sample rate of the audio. After that is the AVS audio editor program.

Next, there are two programs for editing images. It follows a similar format to the audio program. There is one AVS image converter and one AVS image editor.  Converting an image might not seem like a big deal because plenty of free programs can do that, but AVS packed in a few extra features to make it a worthy addition to the team.

Final Thoughts

Avs4you is a great media editing software suite. It does have some setbacks, such as its license limits it to only one computer and it can only run on a Windows machine. Those flaws aside, it’s easily one of the best media editing packages on the market.

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